Sunday Musings.

The last few days have been busy, adjusting, beginning again – thinking about what a New Year really means. We all make such a big deal about what we’ll change from one year to the next, but really, it’s just another day. Why do we restrict ourselves to waiting for a whole new year when instead we can change anything we like at any point we like…

So I went back to work on Thursday. I work in IT, which is really information security but because no-one has a clue what that means I tell people I work in IT. I also have my own business which has been my baby for the past 5 years and one day I dream of it being my living. But work is ok, I can’t complain. I’ve been there nearly 11 years, the people I work with are genuinely friends. It’s all about to change though, quite dramatically. First of all, we have a new MD who is joining at the start of March. I say ‘new’ because we did have one, in fact still do, but he’s past retirement age and has only ever been part time so it’s not affected our dynamic too much (I should mention that we’re a very small team, varying in age from early 40s to late 20s and more-or-less self-manage with the proper hierarchical peops sitting in an office in the US). This new guy is younger, under direction from a new team of managers at the corporate place and is going to be there FULL-TIME. FULL-TIME. Gone are the lengthy chats about our personal lives, the ‘flexible’ time-keeping, the ability to control our own working destinies. Wondering what this will all mean for me, for all of us, is consuming a lot of my thinking time these days. I’m trying to be positive as I’m generally an upbeat person but 6 months down the line things could be very different.

This would all be ok were it the only thing I had to think about, but this is already shaping up to be a wild year. We’re in the process of trying to buy a house for starters. A proper grown up thing to do, even though I got married 6 and a half years ago, which is also pretty grown up. Anyway, we’ve been saving like mad for the past 18 months and had planned to start looking this spring. Apart from like the impatient imp that I am, I started looking last autumn. And we got a provisional mortgage (yay!) and then found this house that we sorta, kinda like. He went to see it, I went to see it. Twice (you have to do these things in the dark too you know) and although I didn’t walk in through the front door and yell “THIS IS IT OH YES IT IS”, after I’d slept on it – twice – I realised that this could be like the total dream home. I need to quirk it up and oldify (word?) it a bit but it genuinely is brilliant.

So we put a cheeky offer in which was originally rejected but then accepted and we started freaking out because, like I said, this is all about 4-5 months earlier than we were expecting to be moving. And we’re trying to keep it secret too because he has this dream of letting our parents know about it by sending them “we have moved” cards, which I must admit would be pretty neat BUT means that I, who am a talker, don’t really have anyone to talk to about these things. Hence starting the blog. I feel like there is a lot to say.

I have to go now, I feel a bit self-indulgent writing away when there is lots to be done. Checking my Ebay sales (if we are to be moving, it’s time to clear out) plus wrapping the orders for my online business. I’ll write about that too one day. I was also meant to do some cooking and tidying, but we have enough paperwork to fill out than would fuel every fire in London and if you’ve ever bought a house you’ll know that these things have to be done faster than Speedy Gonzales. Sigh.

Thanks for listening.


Wednesday Weigh In Week 1

There seems no more appropriate time to tackle a bit of weight loss than the first day of a new year. I’m flying to Florida in exactly 3 weeks time for a work trip, and there’s bound to be a bit of extra time/warmer weather which means my extra Christmas poundage can’t hide behind jumpers forever.

So it’s time to tackle the issue head on. I weighed myself earlier and tipped the scales at just under 10 stone. To some that might not seem much, to others maybe it seems a lot. For me personally, it’s not my happy weight. I’m between 5″7 and 5″8 and the weight where I feel happy and confident and at peace with myself is 9 stone 7. This takes a bit of dedication to maintain, and I generally eat reasonably well. I’m a fish-eating vegetarian but have recently returned to eating chicken and turkey in an effort to try and get more protein in my diet. That said, I’m not a huge fan of vegetables, nuts etc, so it’s hard to get the balance right. For reasons I’ll get to at a later date, I’ve also got to get to a point where I am eating high-protein every day and I realise this doesn’t necessarily go hand-in-hand with weight loss.

Still, I’ve confronted it and already feel better just for doing that. I’ll do a weekly Wednesday Weigh In and am looking forward to experimenting with cooking (rather than just shoving food in the oven). Hopefully by the time I get on that plane I’ll have reached my target weight and be feeling fit again.

The Road Ahead.

When I was 7, I was given a 5 year diary for Christmas. It had a fake brown leather cover and the tiniest key I’d ever seen. There wasn’t much space for writing, but I was only 7 so I suppose I wasn’t going to be writing much. I do remember noting down that I’d watched Mary Poppins and that we’d gone for a windy walk. I kept up the diary writing very well for the first year but over time it dwindled until one day in my teenage years long after the 5 years had passed, I threw it away.

Fast forward 26 years, and the Christmas present I gave to myself in my 33rd year was a decision to start a blog. Not for anyone else, but just for me. A space to write, to create, to muse, to ponder. A space to empty my often chaotic mind and not to have to contiunually bother my long-suffering husband as I lie awake night after night, anxious to get on with 2014.

There’s some big and scary life changes ahead of me and him this year. I hope the blog helps me to navigate them, to write when I’m excited and write when I’m sad. And if anyone should stumble across me, welcome. I’m thegirlpurple. Happy 2014!